Devonport Jazz 2024



This is our second LuminoCity festival held in Devonport, Tasmania. As we grow the event, our aim is to create something unique to our community that celebrates creativity and innovation while providing a unique and enchanting experience for all ages.

If you would like to be involved or have any ideas for future festivals feel free to reach out at .


Experience the cutting-edge New Worlds Multiverse Cubes at LuminoCity 2024: Introducing Many Worlds! This groundbreaking exhibition of multiverse cubes, presented as an Augmented Reality (AR) art walk, redefines the art canvas by showcasing masterpieces within AR multiverse cubes. Each side of these cubes serves as a portal to another world, inviting you into a mesmerizing journey.

Ten visionary digital artists have crafted a visual narrative that compels you to explore, rotate, and compare these cubes, revealing new perspectives and examining the intricate relationships between adjacent worlds. The AR presentation creates a stunning juxtaposition of virtual portals within our physical reality, with each cube side offering a window into a surreal alternate universe.

Find all ten artworks and prepare to be captivated by the striking contrast and immersive experience as you witness a rift in the fabric of our reality at the Many Worlds exhibition.

QR codes to access the works can be found in Haines Park, the paranaple centre and Market Square.


Calling all businesses, schools, and families!      

No matter your skills or experience, you can transform your windows into a work of art for the community to enjoy this July, as part of LuminoCity. Taking part is FREE and everyone is welcome.

  • Gather Supplies: Get coloured tissue paper, tracing paper, poster board, scissors, tape, and any other decorations you want to use.
  • Choose Your Window: Select a window at home, your business, or community building that you’d like to decorate. Make sure you can see it from the street.
  • Design Your Display: Plan your window decoration. Think about themes, colours, and designs that represent your community or inspire you.
  • Cut and Arrange: Cut the tissue paper into shapes or designs and arrange them on your window. You can create patterns, pictures, or abstract designs.
  • Secure and Illuminate: Use tape to secure the tissue paper to the inside of your window. If possible, add a light source behind the tissue paper to illuminate your display.
  • Share Your Creation: Take photos of your decorated window and share them on social media using the event hashtag – #LUMINOCITYTRUECOLOURS! There will be three $100 prizes up for grabs!
  • Explore: Take a stroll around your neighbourhood to admire other window displays. Enjoy the creativity and community spirit on display!
  • Spread the Word: Tell your friends, family, and neighbours about the event and encourage them to participate.

The more windows that are decorated, the brighter and more vibrant our community will be! Simple or spectacular… anything goes… as long as it’s family friendly!

Here are some great videos to give you some inspo …
WW1   WW2   WW3   WW4   WW5   WW6


Unleash your creativity at the Lantern Making Workshops at the paranaple arts centre! Join us for an enchanting and hands-on experience where you’ll learn to craft your very own beautiful lantern. This workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore traditional and contemporary lantern-making techniques under the guidance of skilled artisans. Perfect for all ages, this engaging event promises to illuminate your artistic skills and light up your imagination. Don’t miss out on this magical journey of creation and inspiration—reserve your spot today and let your creativity shine!

When: Wednesday 17 July
Time: 11 am–12 pm (ages 5 -12) or 2 pm–4 pm (ages 8 -16)
Venue: Devonport Regional Gallery Creative Space
Cost: Free
Bookings: online or via email

All materials supplied. All participants under 8, or requiring support with materials, will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Free workshop in the Devonport Regional Gallery Creative Space as part of Devonport City Council’s LuminoCity Festival.


Make your own puppets and learn how to put on a show from experienced Terrapin facilitators in this 2-day inclusive shadow puppetry workshop suitable for 8-12 years of age.

Friday 19 July                1.00pm to 4.00pm 
Saturday 20 July           9.30am-12.30pm and 12.30pm- 1pm (sharing with family/friends)
Venue: Devonport Regional Gallery Creative Space
Cost: Free
Bookings: online or via email

Free school holiday workshop in the Devonport Regional Gallery Creative Space as part of Devonport City Council’s LuminoCity Festival.

Suitable for 8-12 years of age. All materials supplied. All participants under 8, or requiring support with materials, will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Please note that participants should attend on both dates.


Join us at Haines Waterfront Park for the best Winter party around. We’ve got an awesome lineup of artists, including the talented Daniel Quaile, Matt & Cj, Dylan Boys, and our headline act, the world-wide sensation THE POTBELLEEZ!

This FREE event is designed to create an unforgettable experience, from fire performances to glow-in-the-dark face painting, there’s a thrill for everyone. There will be heaps of food and beverage vendors, live entertainment, and much more.

In alignment with Council’s commitment to community support, we’ve designated this event as a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House. By accepting gold coin donations at entry and via the below link, we aim to make a meaningful contribution to seriously ill children. You can donate here.

When: Saturday 20 July
Time: 5-9pm
Venue: Haines Waterfront Park
Cost: Free
This event is licensed and smoke-free 


Join us at LuminoCity’s Music by the Waterfront for a magical evening of creativity and community! We invite you to craft your own paper lantern and bring it to our Lantern Parade, which will start at 6pm at the water feature. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or trying your hand at lantern-making for the first time, your creation will add to the enchanting atmosphere. Gather with friends and family as we light up the night, celebrating the beauty of handmade art and the joy of music by the water. Don’t miss this luminous experience!

When: Saturday 20 July
Time: Event 5-9pm, Lantern Parade 6pm
Venue: Haines Waterfront Park, meeting at the water feature
Cost: Free

Battery lights only please. No naked flames.

Roundhouse Park

Experience the captivating new light and sound show, “From Sky to Sea,” launching soon. Nestled in the picturesque Roundhouse Park by the Mersey River, this mesmerizing and immersive spectacle will take you on a journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Tasmania, from the majestic skies to the tranquil seas. Immerse yourself in a stunning display of lights synchronized with an evocative soundtrack that brings the natural beauty of our region to life. 

Official launch date to be confirmed.

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